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Cliff Top Hella(DIN) to Cigarette Socket Adapter

Cliff Top Hella(DIN) to Cigarette Socket Adapter


This straight type adapter allows you to convert a standard female Hella(DIN) socket into a cigarette lighter type Socket.


For motorcycle continental type Hella / DIN power socket, compatible with BMW, Ducati, and Triumph Motorcycles.


The cigarette lighter socket is fitted to most 12V / 24V standard cigarette lighter type accessory plugs.


It has a 21mm internal diameter with an output of 12v / 15amp max. It is tightly fitted to the Hella(DIN) Socket as well as the cigarette lighter plugs.


Its decent size allows you to easily store in your vehicle, charge your gadgets and convert the socket into your normal car plugs, such as satnav, tyre inflator, portable fridge, lighting equipment' plug etc. for your truck or bike's power socket. This can give you more power output choices...


Product dimension: 7 × 2.8 × 2.8 cm


Made in Advanced Industrialised Nation - Taiwan


Part Number: TC-6613MA

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